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Ms. Juanita will begin taking dancer’s measurements
mid- November until every dancer is measured.
Attendance is very important during this time.

Costume selections for the Annual Recital 2017 are underway!
Orders are placed before we break for Christmas to ensure timely
delivery. Pictures of your dancer’s costume(s) will be available
at the Front Office the week of November 15th-17th.

Please make arrangements to pay for your child’s
costume(s) by December 9TH.
Auto-dbts will begin Friday.

You might consider “stashing” moola on your account
for your costumes now, to ease the pain in December!
Many parents are “stashing” as we speak!


Recital 2017
Saturday, June 10th

Why Choose Danzco. Dance?

We recognize you have a lot of options when it comes to dance studios.

What makes Danzco. Dance different?

Reason #1: We're WILD about our students!
Our quality staff provide our students with not only excellent dance instruction, but also lifelong attributes such as self-confidence, creativity, and health.

Reason #2: We're WILD about our studio!
Danzco. Dance prides itself on our beautiful facilities, spacious dance floors and family friendly waiting area.

Reason #3: We're WILD about dance!
We teach a variety of dance styles and methods, and offer a fantastic annual production, competition opportunities, and master classes which showcase a variety of teaching styles and techniques.

Danzco. Dance Academy - We're not just about the steps... it's about the kids!

Danzco. Dance Birthday Parties!!
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